About us

It was never in my plan to run my own business. While I have always been around the fashion industry, I didn't wake up in the morning saying "I want to run my own boutique!"


My fashion journey has taken me from the pages of Vogue Magazine, to the small manufactures in downtown Chicago, and all the way to the diamond of a baseball field. But something I never thought was that my love for fashion would manifest into a boutique I ran on the internet.


But here I am, making a new dream come true. 

Parkside Harbor was born out of a need for a boutique that was fashion forward but still included the basics. It was born out of want for a boutique that felt as badass as I do. That empowered me to wear whatever I wanted, while still being able to look professional.  It was born out of the love of fashion and need to share a little part of my heart.


I love being my own boss. I have learned so much from all of my positions in the industry, and take a small part of every experience and use it to fuel this business. It is not easy. My blood, sweat, and tears have gone into everything Parkside Harbor is. 

Parkside Harbor is fashion



Catherine Nicole